How will I spend Christmas?

Whew! Time flew by so fast and it’s already December. I’ve been enjoying my time here and I never felt homesick until I saw that Coca-Cola Christmas commercial made especially for OFWs/Filipinos abroad. I know what I’m feeling is nothing compared to their longing since this is just my first time to celebrate Christmas outside the Philippines. Still, it’s a big emotional change for me. This would be unlike any other Christmas but I have the highest hopes that it will be memorable despite being away from dear family and friends.

When will Christmas eve find me? It’s Paris for sure and I’m hoping for the snow to fall so “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” will become a reality for the first time. On the morning of the 25th, it’s the start of my first European backpacking adventure. Three cities, three countries – Brussels, Cologne and Strasbourg. They are close enough to each other so it won’t be too tiring but best of all, they are all notable European Christmas destinations. Many are recommending Vienna but I don’t have much time since it’s too far east. I’m particularly excited about the Christmas markets in those cities. Not that I’m planning to buy many things but it would be really nice to be around many people rather than being alone.

Holiday fun started last weekend when I was in Paris where I got the chance to visit the Christmas Market along Champs-Elysées. It’s was a real feast for the eyes – the bright lights, the happy people, the merry sounds you hear and the delicious food! Catalina (my former Romanian housemate) and I were chatting while walking and eating whatever pickled our fancy. If only we skipped the Chinese food for dinner, we would have eaten more than the boule de Noël, hot orange juice and the gingerbread. Good that I’m staying in Paris starting this weekend until the New Year, there’s more time to experience that…

Photos from Marché de Noël in Paris:


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