My very first French speaking engagement


Today, I overcame a personal challenge. I gave a presentation about my current project at work to a team of 21 people. It’s definitely not my first time to give one as I’m used to presenting in the past in many different forms – acting in front of class in high school, delivering a persuasive speech in comms class, defending our thesis, presenting here and there at work. I’ve even attended presentation skills workshops to build self-confidence and to learn about effective tips and techniques. So, what is different this time around? I was asked to deliver everything in French!

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2011 – The Year of Travel

Year 2011 treated me very well. It was indeed the year of travel. Come to think of it, I was home for only about a quarter of the entire year. So how did it end? Just how I imagined it… TRAVELING!

The recent holidays have been my most memorable ever. Aside from the fact that it was my first time to be away from family and friends back home, it was my first time to spend the season doing what I love the most. In a span of nine days, I have been in ten different cities. I met so many amazing people along the way, experienced a lot of different things and saw a bit more of what France’s neighboring countries have to offer. Here are just seven things I learned during my first backpacking experience in Europe:

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