A gift, a Glif

Hey Joey,

Glad to hear they arrived safely. Don’t worry about paying for the second one, it’s on us 🙂


Some two weeks before Christmas, I was looking for a gift that I could give myself. Since I recently upgraded my old iPhone 3GS to the 4S model, largely due to its excellent camera features, I thought maybe I could find something that would work well with the iPhone’s camera because I want to use it more than my relatively heavier compact one.

I was surfing the internet and I came across the perfect product: Glif+ from StudioNeat. It’s a very simple accessory that ensures the safety of your iPhone 4 or 4S while being attached to a tripod. It doubles as a kickstand as well.

Since this is not a product review, just watch the video below and be amazed yourself:


Right after seeing this, I placed an online order immediately and requested for it to be delivered to my address in Paris. It was supposed to arrive three days before Christmas which was perfect because I could take better pictures during my holiday vacation. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Maybe it was stuck somewhere in customs or it was held at the post office or it was returned to the sender because I forgot to put my name in our mailbox. I don’t know.

After more than three weeks, I checked with the nearest La Poste on the day I returned from vacation to see if they’re holding a package under my name and the personnel confirmed there was none. I emailed StudioNeat to explain the situation and without questions asked, I was told that they will attempt a second delivery. This time, I gave my address in Le Havre with the apartment owner’s name included to improve my chances of receiving the package.

In the end, the first Glif+ was redelivered successfully in Paris and I have just received the one that was sent to Le Havre. I never thought of keeping the second one for myself because I didn’t pay for it. Earlier this afternoon, I emailed StudioNeat to say that I will reorder so they can charge me for the extra, which I plan to give as a gift to a friend. A few hours later, I received the reply above. A simple and honest gesture repaid by an act of gratitude. Talk about total customer experience!

To Tom and Dan of StudioNeat, thank you very much! More power!

Now, the big question is, “to whom should I give the Glif?” If you want to receive it as a gift, you have to be an iPhone 4 or 4S user. Send a short explanation to me why you want it. The most creative response will get it. This time, delivery charge is on me!


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