Dear Future Babe


I have always believed that as one pursues his life’s dreams, he will eventually find love. I am almost halfway through my biggest dream yet and I can not help but wonder whether I have already gazed upon your eyes or we are just about to cross each other’s paths. Either way, I know that soon enough, fate will bring us closer together because of our common desire to travel and experience the world around us.

I was fortunate to have seen and experienced life here and there and I do not plan to stop traveling. However, I do not want to do that by myself any longer. To conquer the world together for the rest of our lives will be the greatest adventure of all. I will marry you however and wherever you want; be it a traditional wedding or as crazy as you please, I am already giving you my sweetest “I do.”

I hope you will not get mad that we will live in a simple house and probably be without a car. Trust me though that I will save enough money so that we can go to all the places that we wish to reach. Can we agree now not to stay in just one place? I wish to live in different cities and spend two or three years of our lives in a country of our choice in each continent. Let’s exclude Antarctica though as I can’t stand the cold that much.

I hope that having children with different nationalities will not be confusing for you. Raising them as citizens of the world, isn’t that exciting? Let’s educate them ourselves and show them that the world is such a beautiful place to live in, where possibilities are endless. Let us promise to be great parents to our kids and shower them with overflowing love.

By the time we finally meet (or meet again), I hope you are ready to live a life full of adventure with me. We will not wait for our hairs to turn gray and our knees to go weak before we pursue our dreams. We will realize them each and every day as we grow old together.

I am waiting on the docks ready to fly away with you.

Loving you with all my heart,

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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