“Around” the world in 40 days (Part 3)

Milan & Lake Como, Italy | March 30 – April 2

Four days later after returning to France, I’m back at Paris CDG Airport again. Sleeping in airports was inevitable during this trip. Since I have very early morning easyJet flights and I am quite uncomfortable with commuting at an unholy hour, I decided to be there close to midnight. CDG Terminal 2 is not so friendly for sleeping because the chairs have immovable armrests. I could have slept sitting down but I decided to curl up sideways so that my lower extremities and my chest and head are on the seats while my abdomen is strategically avoiding the armrest. Thank God, I’m small and it became an advantage. Otherwise, I could have been caught sleeping in CDG like this:

On the other hand, you can comfortably sleep at Milan Malpensa Airport Terminal 2. However,you have to be there early because there are fewer seats. So if you happen to arrive late, tough luck finding a space. You’ll find yourself dozing off on the floor.

Milan was not the city I expected. I had very low expectations but it generously offered me with more! For me, it is way cleaner and more organized than Paris, at least those areas that we visited. The weather was perfect, I wore shorts outside after almost 7 months of donning jeans and slacks. The food was excellent and the people are generally friendlier. We spent Palm Sunday with our real olive branches at the Duomo, the 4th largest cathedral in the world. We are blessed for we had the opportunity to shake the hands of the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola.

JoAnna, my former colleague’s daughter, and I planned a side trip to Lake Como. Based on the little research I did, aside from being Italy’s most famous lake, George Clooney has his own villa here. That was enough to get me excited. I don’t know though if we have caught a glimpse of it but Lake Como was surely amazing! We rode a ferry that offered us a view of the beautiful villas overlooking the lake and some snow-capped mountains from afar. We had a stopover at the real Bellagio, a municipality in Como, sitting right at the tip of the peninsula that divides the inverted Y-shaped lake into the two southern streams.

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