“Around” the world in 40 days (Part 4)

London, England | April 6-9, 2012

As always, I almost missed the Eurostar train because there were so many people and there was the obligatory passport control. Good thing I am quite lucky with catching them at the last minute, my 90 EUR didn’t go to waste. It was cool that I finally crossed the Channel Tunnel, a man-made marvel that I only saw before in Discovery Channel. Upon arriving at St. Pancras International Station, I was greeted by a familiar site – the Olympic rings. I’m so excited to see a preview of what I will be experiencing in July and August.

Quite the opposite, London’s weather was colder, gloomy and drizzly. But this didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience. Thanks to hotel points, I was able to stay at the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park for free, in an executive room with complimentary wifi! The night I arrived, it was indeed wicked seeing Wicked at London’s West End with Ron and Nikki, my HP/frisbee friends.

The following day, we tried to squeeze in a tour of the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill and had “patintero” with cars to have that famous Abbey Road shot ala-Beatles. A short afternoon trip to the British Museum with my classmate, Ghita. Right before sunset, I met Menk, a fellow part-time tour coordinator from Travel Factor, and we drank champagne with a great overlooking view of the city from the London Eye.

Easter Sunday was another blessed day as I attended the solemn mass at the Westminster Cathedral. A repeat of the previous week, I got to shake the hands of its Archbishop, Most Reverend Vincent Nichols. The only difference is I have a picture this time. The rest of the afternoon was spent in a vintage market, dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in Camden Town and a round of drinks at Hawley Arms pub, Amy Winehouse’s favorite.

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