“Around” the world in 40 days

Exactly a month ago, my craziest travel experience to date started. I saw myself spending an awful lot of time catching trains and sleeping in airports. It’s unimaginable that I somehow managed to avoid the jet lag and kept myself stress-free as I enjoyed every minute of the journey. I feel like I was a rockstar doing a world tour.

Today is different. I have nowhere to go. This is the first weekend in the past month where I will just stay put in my own bed. I’ll probably continue reading The Hunger Games and watch some TV series that I missed. What about cleaning my room or going for a nice run along the beach? Or, just get that much needed sleep? First, I’ll reminisce what happened…

Warning: This is going to be my longest post yet as I cannot compress a month’s worth of travel in a very concise article. Do not read if you’re not interested. Ü

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | March 15

My adventure started with a same-day business trip to Rotterdam, my shortest business-related travel ever. Almost missed the 7 AM Thalys train from Paris. By 3:30 PM, my meeting was over. Since I have no time to go around and the train leaves at 6 PM anyway, the only place where I could take pictures is the station itself.

Lol! Okay. I think it’s much better that you click here for the continuation:

2nd Warning: Don’t read the last paragraphs below if you have not finished the three parts above. Please? Ü

Out of curiosity (and boredom with the lack of any activity), I calculated the total distance that I have traveled in a span of one month and it is close to about 30,000 km. In 10 days, as I go back to Manila (again), I will spend my 40,075th km on the plane as we cruise above Asia. That’s the equatorial circumference of the earth! By then, I can say that I’ve been around the world in 40 days (quantitatively at least). How’s that Jules Verne? I beat your 80 days! Haha!

Seriously though, as tiring as it sounds, I will always trade losing precious hours of sleep, sleeping in the most uncomfortable airports, catching my breath as I dash towards a leaving train and spending some hard-earned money for all of those moments that I know will truly make me happy.


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