Highlighting Paris’ Highlight


The Eiffel Tower (Sony NEX-C3 Yellow Highlight Mode)

A new beginning

This Monday, September 5, the biggest adventure of my life begins as I return to Paris for at least a year. For the longest time, living in my dream city was just a thought in my head. I didn’t know how or when but I promised myself that I will reach my goal before I turn 30. Now at 28, I am beyond belief that this is finally happening. Again.

Four years ago, I was given the chance to go to France as a scholar but I wasn’t very keen on studying the highly specialized field of “molecular photonics for telecommunications and biology.” Right time? Could be! Wrong reason? Definitely! So, I let the chance slip away and landed on another opportunity after resigning from HP. It was a decision I have never regretted.

I love it that fate plays with us and shows us other doors when one closes. I could have won PhP 600,000 in the Philippine franchise of the popular game show “Deal or No Deal” back in 2008 if I didn’t bravely say “No Deal!” Falling down on the floor, it hit me that the money I will spend for a European tour will have to come from my own pocket. Luckily that wasn’t the case as six months later, Chevron asked me to go to France for a short project assignment. At 26, I was having a taste of that dream.

Since I’ve first set foot on the cobblestones of this city, my desire to go back has never faltered because I knew that my affair isn’t over yet. I fell even more in love with the dream. I am very grateful that the things that have happened in the past year are all pointing me in one clear direction. Now, it’s for the right reason and motivation. I am going back to school as a project management student while working as an intern for a company. I couldn’t ask for a better arrangement than that.

I am both excited and anxious for the challenges ahead. However, as always, the saddest thing with new beginnings and moving forward is leaving the familiar life behind. My family and friends, whom I will miss the most, your encouraging words of faith in me will be my strength. You will be my inspiration to succeed as I start this new adventure.