Vienna: The Capital of Classical

I pleasantly enjoyed my recent trip to Vienna despite the last minute changes in plan. I wasn’t prepared to come alone but I still decided to go because I don’t want the money that I’ve already spent for all the tickets to go down the drain. Besides, it is one of the cities in Europe that I have always wanted to see and I am so glad I did. Vienna has nothing to show the world but grandeur in its truest sense. I spent only three nights in this magnificent Austrian capital and I kept wanting more. I was able to do the essentials and that’s what’s important.

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The Halfway Mark

Exactly six months ago, I left the Philippines and exchanged a relatively secure and comfortable life for something that I have always dreamed about. Right after getting that student visa, I can still remember how busy, stressful and emotional those last two and a half weeks were prior to my big adventure. Almost every day, I was meeting a friend or a group of friends to say goodbye because I didn’t knew then when I will be coming back. In the midst of the many OFWs at the departure gate, I was in a crying frenzy while talking to my family and closest friends over the phone. Just minutes before the airplane landed at Paris CDG airport, I can’t believe I haven’t ran out of tears and I was still crying some more. What was playing in my brain is a scenario of how I would hurriedly reclaim my baggage so I could dash towards the departure area to buy the next available ticket bound for Manila. If I were a little scared, I might have just held back and chickened out. But I know myself better and it would have been way crazier not to have pursued the opportunities ahead of me. So the minute I set my foot outside the plane, I forced the tears from falling down. They never did since then.

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